Rooted Living makes healthy, plant-based snacks that come wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. The first snack available is our granola. Rooted Living is working to expand their snack line to include many delicious, eco-friendly goodies!

Yes! All Rooted Living snacks are vegan.

Toss your packaging in a compost bin.

Rooted Living snacks are free of any refined sugars. Instead, we use maple syrup to bring a hint of sweetness to the snacks.

We gotchu ;) Our favorite way is to top some coconut yogurt with Rooted Living granola, then add some banana slices, raspberries and blueberries. Yum.

Or just eat it out of the bag. That's also perfectly acceptable.

Rooted Living is currently primarily selling online. We do have products stocked in Wollastons Market on Northeastern University's campus.

Yes! The rates and where we could ship to depends on your specific location.

We don't allow any returns or exchanges on international orders so we highly encourage you to take your time in selecting your purchase & viewing shipping details.

Show us your 'nola bowls! Tag us @rootedliving on Instagram.

You can reach out to info@rootedliving.org, or DM us on Instagram @rootedliving.